Troubleshooting Permission Errors

If you are receiving permission errors from Cart32 and you do not know what is causing them there is a free diagnostic tool called ProcMon. This program is from a company called Sysinternals and it is available for download here.


Filemon will monitor all of the files that Cart32 tries to access and show any permission problems. Filemon needs to be installed on the server. Once installed and running ProcMon, follow these steps:

  • Stop the program from capturing any information (Click the magnifying glass button) and then clear the window (Click the eraser button).
  • Set ProcMon to filter (Click the funnel button) by including “C32web.exe; Cart32.exe; C32setup.exe” and highlight “access denied”.
  • Once this is set, start capture and run Cart32 through your browser. Try the step that is not working or where the error occurs.
  • Return to ProcMon, stop capture, and scroll through the information that was captured. Search for red lines that will higlight any access denied message.

This will tell you the specific file and user that does not have the correct permissions such as cart32.ini, cart32.mdb, etc.

*ProcMonis a registered trademark of Sysinternals Inc.

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