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Editing the Referer Link

The Click Here To Continue Shopping link is used by default on most of the Cart32 pages. Cart32 will read the http_referer (yes, typo in the http standard) and use that as a link on the Cart32 page. This allows a customer to click that link after adding an item to the cart and be taken back to the page they were just shopping on. There are ways to manipulate this for various scenarios. Use the quick links to find the section you need.

Important Note: Internet security programs will sometimes interfere with the functionality of this feature. Many "security" programs will block or mangle the http_referer variable, which means Cart32 has no way of knowing what page the customer came from. We encourage our client to tell their customers to disable this whenever possible, but often times this is not possible. See Going 'Back' A Certain Number Of Pages for the only other workaround for this.

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