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Unique Client-Based Templates

Cart32 uses template files to help drive the order process. These template files can be modified in many ways. The most common modifications are those which change the appearance of the checkout process to more closely resemble the website from which the customer came from.

By default, all clients use a standard set of template files stored in the Cart32 install directory. To change it so that all clients have unique sets of templates do the following:

  • Create a new directory on the server to hold the HTML template files
  • Download a new set of template files from the downloads section here
  • Log into your Cart32 Administration
  • Navigate to File -> Advanced
  • Put the path to the new directory in the field labeled 'Template File Directory'. It must be a server file path not a URL.

If your new templates do not appear to be getting used, check the permissions on the new templates. Make sure the proper IUSR has change/modify permissions