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Create a Simple CVV2 Explanation

Customers can sometimes be confused when asked for their CVV2 number during the checkout process. You can create a simple explanation of what CVV2 is in Cart32 for your customers to see by following one of the following methods:

Via the Cart32 Web Administration

The code below will open either a new tab or a pop-up window (depending on the user's browser settings) and display a Cart32 webpage explaining what CVV2 is.

<a href=https://new.cart32.com/support/general-information/_cvv2-explanation.asp target=_blank>What is CVV2?</a>

This code can be copied and pasted into the Text field for the CVV2 in your Cart32 Web Administration, or into your template files.

The link will look and work something like this: What is CVV2?