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CVV2 Storage Information

Cart32 allows you to store CVV2 data for clients who want to have added security in the credit card processing, but do not have a real time card processing system set up.

In order to store this information, you will need to go to the Settings > Security tab, and change the drop down next to CVV2 Option to "I will delete CVV2 Data manually" and clicking Save.

Once this is selected, you will be able to view all CVV2 data through the View Orders page.

However, as a part of PCI-DSS compliance, we are unable to allow clients to store CVV2 data for more than a day. This means that after 24 hours, the CVV2 data will be erased regardless of whether or not you have viewed the order.

For example, if I received an order on a Thursday, the CVV2 data will be in the system until 11:59 PM Friday night.