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Transferring a Domain to Cart32

If you are attempting to host a website with us you will need to register the domain with a registrar (such as Godaddy.com or NetworkSolutions.com). After you've registered your domain name you simply need to update your name server records to the following:

  • ns.ozarksonline.com (
  • ns2.ozarksonline.com (

Changing your name servers on your domain name is something you will do with whomever you registered your domain name with. For example, if you registered Cart32.com with GoDaddy.com, you should receive a login to a control panel where you can update your name server records. If this is not obvious, simply contact your registrar (in our example, GoDaddy.com) and they can help you do this.

Special Note: Many companies now offer DNS control from the registrar. This means you control the DNS entirely from your registrar, rather than passing on the request to our name servers. Know if you do this and we need to move your site to a new server or IP in the future we will have no way of knowing this setup has been done, and after the change your site will not load until you update the DNS at your registrar. While this is a very rare occurrence, it is recommended you always defer your name server lookups for your domains to our name server.