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Using the Cart32 Hosted Email Service

We have been working hard to provide our hosted website accounts with a more stable environment for their email addresses.With this, we have switched to a new service with much better SPAM filtering, user customization, and larger account sizes.

This service is easy to use and is faster. Here is how you will access your new webmail interface:

  1. Go to webmail.cart32.com
  2. Enter in your email address and password

If you use a mail client (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail), you will need to update your settings within the Mail Client. Here are mail client settings for the new mail server:

Incoming Server Name:

  • webmail.cart32.com

Incoming Email Ports:

  • POP3
    • 110
    • 995 (port for use over SSL)
  • IMAP
    • 143
    • 993 (port for use over SSL)

Outgoing Email Ports:

  • SMTP
    • 25
    • 587 (some ISPs block 25)
    • 465 (port for use over SSL)

You can find specific instructions on how to integrate with whatever mail client you are wanting to use by visiting the Smarter Mail knowledgebase here.